Sardinia (South & West), Italy

Sardinia is an italian island located at the south of Corsica and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Its “capital” is Cagliari.

We landed at Cagliari airport – from Paris-Orly with EasyJet (The plane was on time, I repeat : THE PLANE WAS ON TIME! I think it’s quite exceptional to be mentioned aha, and no, I’m still not annoyed that I have missed the final of the soccer world cup because of them, I do not see what you’re talking about …).

Arriving at the airport, a shuttle picks us up to go to “Green Motion – Go Parking” (agency where we rented our beautiful and resplendent “Citroen C3 family size” – because 4 girls in a car always takes more space. ..). Renting a car is almost essential to visit Sardinia.

– Note that distances SEEM shorts (Google Map will tell you that there is only 343km between the most southern point of Sardinia (the city of Chia) and the most northern point (the city of Palau) while in reality it will take you more than 5:30 to reach your destination because Sardinia, being an island, the roads are very sinuous

We only spent 5 days there, so we stayed in the south of Sardinia (Nebida and Chia).

Well sitted in our minivan, we went to Nebida (south west), where we had rented an apartment at Dimore Affitacamere in Nebida and a house at House and Sea Chia in Chia (via




Clean and spacious, quiet
Apartment with balcony and terrace
2 min from Masua Square – sea view

Free WiFi


The -:THE HOT WATER BALLOON (4 girls for a hot water balloon, it’s complicated)
Not really downtown, off center




Clean and spacious, quiet and located in a private residence
Large terrace, and large garden – sea view

Free WiFi


Deposit of 250th to pay in cash on arrival (even if you only stay one night)
On the website it says that breakfast is included, FALSE. Unless, 2 rusks and a coffee is considered a breakfast.
WiFi available from 7pm to 7am. Ideal for your nights of insomnia.


Masua (small, not very busy, but beautiful)

Villasimus – Porto Giunco ​​(BEAUTIFUL, the water is transparent but the beach is crowded. Tip: it is better to walk to the rocks at the end of the beach (after the Pullman Beach Club) and to sit on the rocks ( there are flat places with sand) to avoid the crowds.

Cala Domestica (a lot of waves, pretty but nothing more. If you have the soul of an adventurer, take the path dug in the rocks (located on the right side of the beach), at the end of the road you will discover a little cove, way prettier and less crowded than Cala Domestica).

San Nicolo (huge beach and not crowded at all, my favorite beach, bordered by sand dunes and mountains – where I took most of my instagram pics aha).

Tuerredda (OK LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. Think about the most crowded beach you know… Well it’s Turreda, the beach is beautiful but, before 6pm, good luck if you hope to find 1cm² where you can put your towel, which inevitably makes the beach way less pretty despite the turquoise water).


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