Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is a Greek island located in the Cyclades.

We arrived in Mykonos by plane, with OLYMPIC AIR. The flight lasted 40 minutes from Athens (if you choose to go to Mykonos by boat it will took you from 2:30 hours to 5 hours depending on the boat company). Prices are not super expensive (80e by plane and 37e to 60e by boat). Obviously, if you’re on a budget choose the boat option. If you want to go to Mykonos by plane, you can reserved your ticket online in advance or at last minute, like we did, but it’s risky. I don’t advise to do so during July or August.

At the airport, no taxis wanted to take us to Kalo Livadi (where our hotel was). Indeed, Kalo Livadi is located on the other side of the island so taxi drivers didn’t want to bother taking us there as they preferred to go to the city center. So if you want to stay there, make sure you ask the hotel to send someone to pick you up OR rent a car.

Because not having a car (or a scooter) in Mykonos, is like living in Paris during a subway, bus, and RER strike … you won’t be able to see much except if like to walk for hours.
There are buses during summer (but you’ll have to adapt to the bus schedule), and in September there are no buses anymore.


We rented the Anemos Villa, in Kalo Livadi, at the “Salty Houses” “hotel” (via


  • Sissy, the owner, is really nice and welcoming
  • The villa was really clean and comfortable
  • Really good breakfast, served in your room/on your balcony
  • Sea view
  • Only at 5 min walk from the beach
  • You can rent a car at a cheap price with the hotel


  • Far from the city center
  • You NEED a car
  • No swimming pool (YET …)
  • No restaurant at the “hotel”

Link to the hotel: Salty Houses



  • City center of Mykonos (no need to stay in this area for a week. One or two days are enough to see what you need to see and shop. Plus, the beaches are not as beautiful as anywhere else on
  • the island) – Little Venice and the Windmills
  • The beach of Agios Sostis (really hard to access this beach for person with reduced mobility)
  • The beach of Kalo Livadi (2 beach clubs are there so the music is quite “loud”. Not ideal if you want to rest but great if you are with friends or basically if you just like music. Restaurants there are REALLY expensive).



  • The 5 windmills of Mykonos are some of the most recognized landmarks of the island, some of them date back as far as the 16th century
  • There are over 800 churches and 100 bars on the island
  • The only colors allowed for doors and windows are blue, green and red


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