Tel Aviv-Jaffa is separated in two. The new city (Tel Aviv) and the old city (Jaffa – 40 minutes walk from the city or you can the bus for 5.90 Shekel). Dizengoff, in Tel Aviv, is the street where you’ll find all that you need (lots of shops and restaurants). Sunsets in Tel Aviv are unreal and the best spot to watch them is sitting at the beach. Go to Jaffa for its beautiful view on Tel Aviv and the cute narrow streets of the Old City.

The bus network works very well but it is more comfortable to rent a car to travel out of Tel Aviv (Jerusalem, Acre, Nazareth, Masada ….). Count around 45 dollars per day. The main rental agencies (Budget, Enterprise, Avis …) are on Hayarkon Street (along the beach). Note that you can not go beyond Israel’s borders with a rental car; so do not forget to download the application “Waze” as GPS.


We stayed at Prima Hotels, the one located in front of Frishman Beach(not the city one).


– Rooms are clean, big and comfortable

– Nice breakfast (you can eat the terrace)

– Sea view (some rooms)

– Free WIFI

– 30 secs walk from the beach


– The restaurant located downstairs is REALLY REALLY LOUD until 2 am.


  • La-Shuk (Mediterranean cuisine – so so good)
  • Susu and Son (one the best burgers in Tel Aviv)
  • Vaniglia (Ice cream shop – Peanut Butter, Banana, Chocolate milkshake anyone ?)
  • The Old Man And The Sea (in Jaffa)
  • Fu Sushi (I put it on the list because my friend Karen loves it and says it’s one of the best sushis in town with “Moon”, but apparently I didn’t make the right choices of sushis there and didn’t really like it)



I’ve always wanted to go to Jerusalem, and see the Western Wall/Wailing Wall. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, the closest gate to access the Western Wall is the Dung Gate. The wall is separated in two: a women side and a men side (which is waaaaay bigger – unfair you said ? or masochist maybe ?). I was overwhelmed by so much history.


The old city of Akko (Acre) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the oldest city in the world and one of the oldest port in the world. If you go to Akko, walk in the streets of the Old City through the souk, but to be honest you won’t need to spend more than half a day in Akko.


Go to the fortress of Masada for the history and for its amazing view on the Dead Sea and the Negev Desert (you can either hike to the top (take the Snake Path) or take the cable car). If you want to swim (well… float because you really float and it’s a crazy experience, so so weird) in the Dead Sea, go to Ein Bokek Beach.

The Dead Sea is a hypersaline lake (almost 10 times saltier than the ocean) bordered by Jordan, Israel and the West Bank and is the Earth’s lowest elevation on land. And the sand is SALT. I was made fun of because I didn’t know that there was no sand and only salt, did you know that ?


– Everything is closed during the day on SATURDAY (it’s Shabbat)

– During Yom Kippour all activities in the country stops (no cars, no television, no restaurants or shops opened …)

– You WILL get eaten by fishes in the ocean (I still have a scar)

– For souvenirs, buy them in Jerusalem or at the airport. You won’t find a lot of souvenir shops in Tlv

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