California, USA (Road Trip)

This was my second Road Trip on the West Coast and I was still amazed by how beautiful landscapes are there.



We stayed at the Magic Castle Hotel in Hollywood:


  • Great location (5 min from the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”)
  • Spacious rooms
  • A swimming pool
  • Free Wifi


  • Breakfast with limited choices


(Link to the hotel : Magic Castle)


We headed to Downtown LA, and made a stop in the neighborhood of “El Pueblo” on Olvera St. The neighborhood was founded in 1781 by Spanish “pobladores”.  It is now very much a tourist attraction and the street basically a market. The visit was fast but it is really cute. Then, we did a lightning visit in Beverly Hills. But I have to say I don’t really like Downtown LA, I don’t feel safe there.

On day 2, we went to the “Universal Studios”. Ok, can I stay there forever ? Of course, being an actor, I loved it. You can learn a lot about behind the scenes, or special effects used in movies.

We walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (there are, btw, more than 2 500 stars embedded in the sidewalks).

If you are looking for “outlets” near LA, we went to Barstow.

On the road (66) we also stopped at the famous “Bagdad Café”.



Calico is a ghost town and former silver mining town located 200 km away from LA, in the Mojave Desert. The city was founded in 1881 in the Calico Mountains. 10 years later, when Calico’s silver mines were no longer economically viable, the city was completely abandoned. The city was restored in 1950.

You feel like in a movie there and I am pretty sure you can see Clint Eastwood aha.


The Death Valley is located in the Mojave desert. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place when I feel like I’m an ice cube melting on the asphalt. It’s hard to breath there, and you can feel your skin burning.

We stopped at Furnace Creek Ranch. It surprising to see this huge palm grove in the middle of nowhere.


Story Time:

Our car broke down in the city of Trona, California. If you’ve ever been to Trona, you probably know it isn’t the most populated city in the US. So yeah, imagine the situation aha …



Beautiful. But if you are short on time, I wouldn’t stop there. I would have rather done Yosemite National Park instead of this one.



I love this city. The city remind me of Vancouver or Seattle. SF is a really cosmopolitan city.


We stayed at the Stratford Hotel :


  • The location : city center


  • Noisy
  • Not so clean
  • Ridiculously small bedrooms



  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Visit of Alcatraz
  • Fisherman Wharf (nice place to take a stroll, a lot of restaurants and souvenir shops are there)
  • A Cable Car ride (yes, sometimes you need to be a good tourist)
  • Go see the “Twin Peaks” view (two hills that overlook the city of San Francisco)


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